myZENhome Dhyana Meditation Cushion

Our homes are our sanctuaries.  They offer a place of safety and security, love and self-expression. 


Our homes have an energetic feel to them as well.  They carry all our memories, emotions and reflection of how we’re living life today.  Have you ever noticed that when you walk into someone’s home you can sometimes feel a sense of love and warmth.  Others, we feel chaos and stress.  We can’t quite put our finger on it, but we “feel” it.


Science reveals our bodies are attuned to their surroundings.  There is a physiology to how our brain responds to various stimulations.  Spas and retreat centers are specifically designed with lighting, colors, music, aromatherapy, décor and more to signal a relaxation response in the mind/body.  We can create the same within our homes.


There is no doubt that cultivating peace comes from within.  That peacefulness is then reflected outward through our interactions, daily self care and our homes.  So, here are some tips for the expression of a peaceful environment;


  • Remove Clutter.  Our homes can become a place of storage of all our experiences to date.  We stock closets, cupboards, drawers, basements and attics with things we haven’t used or seen in years yet we cannot let go of them.  This creates a sense of attachment to things.  Practicing “non-attachment” is a philosophy within the Yoga Sutras.  When we attach ourselves to things outside of ourselves, we create suffering for ourselves and those around us.
  • Be Tidy.  A messy and disorganized home can be reflective of the type of life we’re living.  Maintaining a tidy environment not only reduces stress but also expresses gratitude for the “things” we’ve been blessed to acquire.
  • Candles, Incense & Sage.  T
    hese tools are used by many cultures and religions for healing and the purification of space.  The latin word for sage is “salvia” which means to heal. 
  • Place for Practice.  We recommend a place in your home for your spiritual practice.  No matter whether you meditate, do yoga, pray or chant, a regular practice is essential for our overall health and well-being.


Women’s Health Magazine offered an article recently called, “Make Your Home a Health Retreat”.  Here are some additional tips for “cultivating peace within and around ourselves”.  


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