myZENhome Dhyana Meditation CushionThe following is a grounding meditation to bring you into conscious resonance with the Earth.  The more time we spend in resonance with the Earth the healthier and more aware of our surroundings we will be.  The more we acknowledge the Earth as a living sentient being and become her caretakers, the sooner the process of planetary healing and renewal will occur.  Remember, without the Earth, there is no life. 


Invite your body into a comfortable seated position.  Rock forward and backward on your pelvic bowl until you comfortably find your sacrum (at the base of your spine) and your seat bones, and settle your weight here.   At the center of this triangle (termination facing your sacrum) lives Muladhara your root chakra, its elemental energy is Earth.  Root your pelvis until you feel your bones stack, legs relaxed, shoulders relaxed, rib cage lifted off the pelvis making room for your breath.  Begin by taking a nice long, slow, deep breath in through your nose and exhaling through the mouth.  Take one more long slow inhalation through your nostrils and again, exhale out the mouth but this time allow your breath to find your voice and sigh out, relax deeper.


 Now bring your awareness to the Earth.  Visualize or imagine yourself out in nature.  Feel the earth supporting you, feel your bones holding up your body like scaffolding.  Feel your muscles relax and release into the comforts of being held and supported.  Ride your breath down into your body and relax even deeper.  Set your intention to ground and root to the Earth and come up with a prayer of gratitude for the Great Earth which sustains you.  Visualize placing your hands firmly on the Earth (or do this for real if you can get outside) and send your love and gratitude down into Mother Earth.  Continue to introduce yourself to her, sending your energy down into the Earth in steady loving streams.


 After a few rounds of breath based prayer, open your awareness further and notice that the Earth is pulsing, like an immense heartbeat.  Allow this pulse to move through you and set a strong intent to come into resonance with this pulsing energy.  As the Earth begins to curve its awareness toward you, sending energy back to you in return, bring your awareness back to your breath.  As you inhale sense, visualize or imagine the Earth’s energy coming up into your body and all around you filling you with light and energy.  The energy of the Earth is in endless supply and freely offered.  Allow this energy to continue rising up into your body from the tips of your toes to the crown of your head and feel the pulse of energy as it pulls you down, grounding you, rooting you, feeding you.  When you feel the energy rise up to the top of your head, allow the energy to move out of your crown and wash over your body and back into the Earth like a great white rainforest waterfall.  Continue this cycle of drawing the energy up from the Earth, supplying your body with light and energy and then releasing it back to the Mother until you feel completely resonant with it. 


Give yourself some time to journal these daily grounding meditations and take note of the imagery and sensations.  Ask yourself how you absolutely know when you are grounded and centered and then explore your inner landscape! What did your investment in grounding and centering look like?  What season was it?  What condition was the land in?  Was it parched and barren or lush and green?  Was there a gentle breeze or intense wind?  Were you at the sea or up high on a mountain?  Was there a humid mist or unrelenting rain?  What did you hear, taste, smell and how did it make you feel?  The inner landscape of the meditation will change and shift from time to time giving your strong indications of your elemental balance or imbalances. 


You may choose to recite a mantra over and over again like, “I am one with the Earth”, “The Earth is our Mother”, “I am deeply rooted and fully aware” or something like it.  The important part is a strong intention to ground and center and be fully in resonance with the Earth’s electromagnetic field, which is what nature intended!  Your heart will thank you for it, your mind will be clearer because of it and your life and ability to manifest will be richer.  (Did you know that alfalfa is one of our most mineral rich and nutritious greens?  This is because it grows down into the Earth 100 feet!)  Set your intention to root down to the core of the Earth and you will find yourself nurtured, supported and loved by the Great Mother of us all!  Aho Mitakuye Oyasin


Today's MyZenSpiration by Beth Seiwell