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We all have things about our bodies we don’t like that we cannot change. So, the first rule of thumb is to Accept Yourself!  A higher power made you perfect.  Made you in the image of itself.  When we look around and see the perfection in a butterflies intricate colors and design, do we question God in this moment?  No.  So, why do we think he/she made any mistakes when creating us?

The self esteem of our ego can be a saboteur to our happiness and our internal sense of peace and well-being.  With false marketing and advertising about what we “should” look like, it’s even harder.  The reality is this an “inside job”.  Allowing ourselves to be enticed by things outside ourselves to satisfy our self-esteem creates suffering and a false sense of self.  This sense of self has us constantly running or chasing after something.

Respect, love and honor your perfect you.  If you have been living within a false sense of self, find the internal strength to accept where you are and make the necessary changes to respect the temple that was given to you.

Love yourself and all that you are because you were made perfectly!!!