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Did you ever notice how good you feel when you do something kind for someone?  When I think of my definition of “spiritual” it includes being in service.  To be in service is to provide acts of kindness to others. 

And, being kind is good for your health!  Every time you extend yourself to someone else in this way, your brain produces serotonin and dopamine; the happy drugs.  At a time when anti-depressants are being prescribed like candy, we would be better served by serving others.


Health benefits of Kindness:

         - Makes us happier
         - Gives us healthier hearts
         - Slows aging
         - Makes for healthier relationships
         - Is contagious!

Acts of kindness not only make us feel better and facilitate a positive physiologic response in the body, they create community, remove barriers, increase feelings of love/ compassion/respect, foster relationships and so much more.


The Golden Rule:  "Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Onto You"



Imagine a world where we all take a moment in our day to do something kind for another.  Instead of giving up something, how about giving of ourselves.  Give up the gift of time in order to do for some else.  

Here's some research on the health benefits of Kindness.