Lovinflame Fuel has a flash point of 104 ºC (220 ºF), classifying it as a non-flammable fuel. This means the fuel can be safely stored and transported under normal temperatures, only igniting when paired with our patented stainless steel wick. As a water-soluble and non-toxic fuel source, Lovinflame Fuel can be disposed of along with other household goods, and can be safely burned with minimal emissions.

Two bottles (2 liters) of Lovinflame Fuel will provide up to four hours of burn-time for the tabletop and vent-free fireplaces.



  • Water-soluble, biodegradable, and non-toxic fuel source
  • Non-flammable fuel with high flash point up to 104 ºC (220 ºF)
  • Designed for safety - only ignites when paired with our patented Lovinflame stainless steel wick
  • Clean-burning, no odor, no soot
  • Flames do not spread if fuel is spilled
  • Safe for transportation and storage
  • Easy to clean - our fuel can be easily wiped with a wet rag or wet paper towel



  • 1 Liter/Bottle
  • High flash point, at 104 ºC (220 ºF)
  • Non-flammable fuel, classified as Class III B by NFPA 30 (National Fire Protection Association)
  • Not a DOT (Department of Transportation) controlled material
  • For your safety, only use Lovinflame Fuel on Lovinflame products

Lovinflame FUEL - 1 Liter Bottle

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